We supply ferroalloys and non ferrous metals used by steelmills and foundries. Quality certificates are provided to all of supplied commodities. We source our materials directly from producers and from reliable trading houses all over the world.

We supply materials with different size and packing in line with the customers requirement (big bags, drums, bags or bulk).


1. Ferroboron FeB

2. Ferrochromium nitrited FeCrN

3. Ferrochromium low carbon FeCr LC

4. Ferrochromium medium carbon FeCr MC

5. Ferrochromium high carbon FeCr HC

6. Ferrophosphorus FeP

7. Ferrosilicon FeSi

8. Ferrosilicon zirconium

9. Ferro silicomanganese FeSiMn

10. Ferromanganese nitrited FeMnN

11. Ferromanganese high carbon FeMn HC

12. Ferromanganese medum carbon FeMn MC

13. Ferromanganese low carbon FeMn LC

14. Ferro molybdenum FeMo

15. Ferro niobium FeNb

16. Ferro titanium FeTi

17. Ferro vanadium FeV

18. Ferro silicon calcium FeCaSi

19. Ferro tungesten FeW

Non ferrous metals

1. Aluminium Al

2. Chromium Cr

3. Indium In

4. Cobalt Co

5. Silicon Si

6. Magnesium Mg

7. Manganese Mn

8. Molybdenum Mo

9. Nickel Ni

10. Tungsten W


1. Carbon cored wire

2. CaSi cored wire

3. FeV cored wire

4. FeTi cored wire

5. Sulfur cored wire

6. Metallurgical flurospar CaF2

7. Chromite sand

8. Sulfur granulated S

9. Silicon carbide SiC